Board of Directors

MNsure Board members are appointed by the Governor through the state’s open appointments process and confirmed by the Minnesota Senate and House of Representatives. The Commissioner of Human Services is a standing member. Board members serve staggered 4-year terms and are limited to 2 terms of service. All appointed members must have demonstrated that they do not have conflicts of interest.

According to state law, board membership must include representation from outside the 7-county metro area. One of the 6 members must have experience representing the needs of vulnerable populations and persons with disabilities. The remaining members must represent the interests of Minnesotans in the following way:

  • One member representing the interests of individual consumers eligible for individual market coverage
  • One member representing individual consumers eligible for public health care program coverage
  • One member representing small employers
  • One member representing the areas of health administration, health care finance, health plan purchasing, and health care delivery systems
  • One member representing the areas of public health, health disparities, public health care programs, and the uninsured
  • One member representing health policy issues related to the small group and individual markets


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