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Mailing of IRS Form 1095-B begins in Early February

1/20/2017 11:46:22 AM

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) will begin mailing original IRS Forms 1095-B for tax year 2016 in early February 2017 and will finish mailing them by the end of February. About 1.1 million forms will be mailed.

Remember that IRS Form 1095-B is an informational form only. The form provides public health care program enrollees with the information they need to answer a question about health coverage on the 2016 federal tax form. An enrollee does not need the form to file a 2016 federal tax return and does not need to attach the form to his or her return.

An enrollee who chooses to file taxes before getting a Form 1095-B may rely on his or her own knowledge or other documentation to answer the tax return question about months of coverage. Other documentation that enrollees may rely on includes explanations of benefits and eligibility notices.

The DHS public web page about Form 1095-B is expected to be updated to refer to tax year 2016 during the week of January 23.

Note: DHS will also be mailing 10,459 corrected Forms 1095-B for tax year 2015 the week of January 23. This will be the last batch of corrected forms for tax year 2015. People whose cases have changes to 2015 eligibility after this last batch run will not receive a corrected Form 1095-B for tax year 2015.


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