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Guide to 2018 Viewing Eligibility and Plan Shopping

11/3/2017 10:12:20 AM

MNsure has published a guide that shows the full process of viewing eligibility and starting plan shopping for QHP consumers enrolling online. The guide, /assets/20171103-Enroll-in-plans-2018-screenshots_tcm34-317161.pdf2018 Next Year’s Eligibility Screenshots, which available on the /assister-central/document-library/index.jspDocument Library on Assister Central, shows screen-by-screen how a consumer to gets from their account landing page/welcome page to the plan shopping and enrollment portion of their account.

Assisters should take a moment to look at page 3, which points out a new drop down menu which has caused confusion from some consumers and assisters. The guide explains how to successfully get past the eligibility section to the plan shopping section


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