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Renew or Change Private Coverage

How to Renew or Change your Coverage in a Private Health Plan during Open Enrollment

If you are enrolled in a private insurance plan for 2016, please read the information below about renewing your coverage for 2017. You may also receive a mailed notice that provides the steps to take to renew your coverage.

Open enrollment is the time of year when current customers can renew or change private plan coverage. 2017 open enrollment runs through January 31. January 31 is the deadline to shop and select a plan for March 1 coverage. If you did not take action to change plans by December 15, and your 2016 plan is available in 2017, you may have been automatically renewed in that plan for January 1 coverage. However, you can still change plans for March 1 coverage if you act by January 31. After this deadline, you will not be able to change or renew private plan coverage unless you qualify for a special enrollment period.

MNsure is the only place to compare plans from multiple insurance companies all at once. And, it’s the only place you can get financial help such as tax credits. Regardless of whether you want to keep or change plans, we strongly encourage you to shop and compare health insurance plans on during open enrollment because plan choices, doctor networks and premium amounts can change each year. Reviewing your options on MNsure ensures you get the best deal and the best coverage for you and your family.

Choose from the options below to learn how to renew or change private coverage.

Change Plan

How to change your coverage in a private health plan during open enrollment period. 

Renew (Keep Same Plan)

Want to keep your same plan? Learn how to renew your coverage in a private health plan during open enrollment period.

Change Application

How to change your application and apply for financial help.

Enrollment Caps

Important! Medica has reached its enrollment cap for most new customers. Current Medica customers may be affected by this cap if they switch insurance companies or if their 2016 plan is not available in 2017.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Customers

Get started here with information for Blue Cross Blue Shield customers transitioning to MNsure.

Special Enrollment Period

Losing your health coverage because your plan is no longer available? Need 2016 health coverage? You may qualify for special enrollment period.

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