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Coverage Changes and New Hires

30-Day Notification Requirement

With few exceptions, all coverage changes—including new hire enrollment—must be submitted to SHOP within 30 days of the event.

For new hire enrollment, do not wait for the waiting period to expire before submitting the employee application to us. Please submit this form immediately upon the employee's start date and follow the instructions for new hire enrollment.

Employer Changes

Employer Contact Information

To update existing employer information such as an address, telephone number, email address or primary and or secondary contacts, please complete the SHOP Employer Change Form (PDF) and return it by secure email to the address above.

Employer Group Cancellation of Coverage

Employers may submit a request to cancel group coverage at any time upon written notification. The cancel date must provide at least 30 days for employees to arrange for other coverage.

To cancel coverage, please complete the SHOP Employer Change Form (PDF) and return it by secure email to the address above. We will process your request and send you confirmation of the last date of coverage. In addition, we will send employees a 30-day notice, advising them of the cancellation date.

Plan Selection(s) and New Hires Waiting Period & Coverage Effective Date

Plan selections and new hire waiting periods and coverage effective dates cannot be changed after employee open enrollment begins. If employee open enrollment has already begun, and it is necessary to make a plan selection change, the only option is to send us a secure email and request that your employer coverage be cancelled and then start the enrollment process over again for a future coverage date/month. See New Coverage for details.

Making Changes to Employee Coverage

Information about making changes to employee coverage.

Enrolling New Hires

Instructions for enrolling new hires.

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