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Technical Issues and Error Messages

What to do if you get one or more of these errors when using the MNsure marketplace.

403 Error

Clear your browser cache and cookies, or change browsers. 

How to clear cache and cookies in Chrome and Firefox.

400 or 500 Unhandled Service Exception Error

If you get this error on the application summary screen, go back to the home page to start a new application. Otherwise, clear your browser cache and cookies, or change browsers. 

Authorization Failed

If you see this message under Program Status on your MNsure account page, it likely means you already have an active application in the MNsure system. For help with this issue, please call our Contact Center at 651-539-2099 or 855-366-7873 .

M002 Error

An M002 error may occur during the account creation process if you have recently moved or changed names. MNsure verifies this information against federal data and recent changes can take a while to be communicated to the federal government. If you receive this error, please try your former address or name. Please note: On the MNsure application itself, you will need to use your current name or address.

Unable to See the Continue or Next Button

Place your mouse cursor on a blank area of the page and then press the Tab key several times and the page will move down. Or, press the Ctrl and hyphen keys at the same time to zoom out so you can see more of the page.

Unhandled User Error

This error may occur if you use your browser's back button. Click on the MNsure home button on the application page to resume. Do not use browser arrow buttons while in the MNsure application.

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