Cost Overview

Only through MNsure can individuals and families find out if they qualify for financial assistance that will immediately lower the cost of private health insurance.

Plan Rates for 2015

Rates for MNsure plans vary depending on household size, annual income, member age(s), the region in which you live, whether members use tobacco and the level of coverage you choose. Find information about plan rates for 2015 in the documents listed below:

Go to Find a Plan to see the cost of the various plans offered (financial assistance discounts are not applied in Find a Plan unless you create an account and apply).

Financial Assistance

You may qualify for tax credits, a cost-sharing reduction, or for no cost or low cost coverage under Medical Assistance (MA) or MinnesotaCare.

The table below shows what you may qualify for depending on household size and annual income.

What you may qualify for based on income and household size
People in household Annual Income
(up to)
Annual Income*
(up to)
Annual Income
(up to)
Annual Income*
(up to)
Annual Income
(up to)
1 $15,521 $23,340 $32,092 $46,680 $46,680
2 $20,920 $31,460 $43,257 $62,920 $62,920
3 $26,320 $39,580 $54,422 $79,160 $79,160
4 $31,720 $47,700 $65,587 $95,400 $95,400
5 $37,120 $55,820 $76,752 $111,640 $111,640
6 $42,520 $63,940 $87,917 $127,880 $127,880
7 $47,919 $72,060 $99,082 $144,120 $144,120
8 $53,319 $80,180 $110,247 $160,360 $160,360
For each additional person add $5,399 $8,120 $11,165 $16,240  
*Slightly lower income limits apply to MinnesotaCare and tax credit eligibility for coverage starting before January 1, 2015. Medical Assistance for adults: $0/month premium MinnesotaCare for adults: up to $50/month premium Tax credits for private coverage for some adults. Monthly premium as low as $0 after tax credits. Private coverage with monthly premiums that vary depending on plan. Not eligible for tax credits.
Medical Assistance for children ages 0 to 18 and pregnant women: $0/month premium. Slightly higher income limits apply for infants under age 2 and pregnant women. Tax credits for private coverage for some children

MNsure updates this information in July after the Medical Assistance income levels are updated. Last year's income level guidelines are available here.

Tax Credits 

The Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) is only available when you purchase health insurance through MNsure. You may be eligible for this benefit, based on your income and family size. Tax credits may be applied to all individual plans except catastrophic plans.

  • If you qualify for a Tax Credit, you can choose one of two ways to receive it:
    1. In advance, to reduce your health care plan costs each month. You can begin receiving the tax credit when your coverage becomes effective.
    2. Apply for it when you file your federal tax return.
  • The amount of the credit is based in part on the premium for a standard plan in your area. In many counties, the premium for the standard plan is low enough that tax credits will not apply. 

Cost-Sharing Reduction 

  • You may also qualify for additional savings through a cost-sharing reduction provided by the federal government, which reduces the amount you pay at the time of medical care (commonly called out-of-pocket costs):
    • Co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles are lowered
    • The maximum amount you would pay each year is capped
  • The amount of out-of-pocket cost reductions will depend on the plan you choose. It is available to those who meet certain income guidelines, but generally to:
Number of People in Household
Household Income
1 Up to $28,725
4 Up to $58,875

Help with Financial Assistance

MNsure Contact Center

  • Toll-free Contact Center Line
    1-855-366-7873 (855-3-MNSURE)
  • email us at with your question

Help with Medical Assistance & MinnesotaCare

  • For questions about membership, the Minnesota Heath Care Programs (MHCP) Member Help Desk can be reached at 1-800-657-3739, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
  • For help with submitted applications, check the list of county offices for your local county phone number and address and contact your county.
  • For help with MinnesotaCare, check the list of MinnesotaCare phone numbers for where to call.
  • For assistance with Medicare, contact the Senior LinkAge Line® at 1-800-333-2433.
  • Information about all Minnesota Health Care Programs provided by the Department of Human Services.
  • Additional contact information for Minnesota Health Care Programs.