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Most Minnesotans qualify for financial assistance. Only through MNsure can individuals and families find out if they qualify for financial assistance that will immediately lower the cost of private health insurance. Use this calculator to get an estimate of your monthly cost. Or see the income level guidelines to see what financial assistance you may qualify for. 

Plan Rates for 2015

Rates for MNsure plans vary depending on household size, annual income, member age(s), the region in which you live, whether members use tobacco and the level of coverage you choose. Find information about plan rates for 2015 in the documents listed below:

Plan Costs

Although the 2015 open enrollment period ended on February 15, 2015, you can apply at any time to get a determination and see what you qualify for. If you qualify for Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare you can enroll year-round.

To see the cost of the various plans offered, select a shopping option below. Read more information about plan types and provider networks here

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