Medical Assistance (MA) and MinnesotaCare

If you are currently enrolled in Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare, we will move you to MNsure as part of your renewal process. When it is time for you to renew your coverage, we will send you a letter with instructions about what to do.

Please note that your renewal date may be earlier or later than it has been in the past. We may have changed your renewal date to make sure your renewal process on MNsure is quick and easy.  

Be sure that your worker has your current address so that you get all of the information we will be sending. Also, continue to report any other changes within 10 days as you would usually do.

Download a paper application

New member information from the Department of Human Services

Who does not need to use MNsure? 

  • Current Medical Assistance (MA) enrollees. Enrollees will receive instructions in the coming months from the Minnesota Department of Human Services on how to renew their coverage.
  • Current MinnesotaCare enrollees, unless specifically instructed to do so by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.
  • A senior with Medicare coverage.

Don’t know if you have Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare coverage? 

  • Call the Minnesota Health Care Programs Member Help Desk at 651-431-2670 or 1-800-657-3739 between 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday.  
  • For assistance with Medicare contact the Senior LinkAge Line® at 1-800-333-2433.

what are Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare?

Our state has a number of health care programs for low-income residents – children and parents, adults without children, people with disabilities and seniors – that fall within the Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP). 

Two programs that you may qualify and can apply for using this site are:

  • Medical Assistance – Minnesota’s Medicaid program is Medical Assistance 
  • MinnesotaCare – a program for residents who do not have access to affordable health care coverage 

When you apply for health coverage through MNsure, we will let you know if you qualify for MA or MinnesotaCare. 

what you need to get started

Have this information at hand:

  • Social Security number for each person applying
  • Date of birth for everyone in household (not just those applying)
  • Driver’s license or other ID
  • For non-citizens, Green Card or other immigration documents
  • 2013 tax forms (1040EZ or page 1 of 1040)
  • Recent pay stubs (two consecutive)
  • Documents for other sources of income (social security, unemployment, self-employment, etc.)
  • W2 form or Employer Tax ID Number (EIN)
  • Employer’s address and contact information
  • Information about any employer-provided health insurance available to each person applying (request this from the employer)
  • Think of a username and password for your MNsure account

what you get

If we find you qualify for MA or MinnesotaCare, you will be able to get medical services at little cost to you. 

  • MA does not have a premium (monthly fee). Members do have small co-pays for some services, usually $1 - $3. This is called cost sharing. 
  • MinnesotaCare does have a premium (monthly fee), based on your income, and small co-pays. 

Read more about cost sharing and what MHCP covers on the summary of coverage, cost sharing and limits.

how you get it

Most people in MA and everyone in MinnesotaCare get services through a managed care plan.

  • If you are enrolled in a managed care plan, your health care providers bill the health plan for services.
  • Some people will not enroll in a managed care plan.
    • For this group, health care services are on a fee-for-service basis.
    • MHCP acts like a health plan and pays the health care providers directly.

how much it will cost

The MinnesotaCare Premium Estimator Table will help you estimate your premium amount. This only an estimation. If you qualify for MA, you receive a no-cost plan.

if you don’t qualify

If you apply here and do not qualify for MA or MinnesotaCare, but you meet one or more of the criteria listed below, we will give your information to your county agency. County staff will contact you if they need more information. They will then determine if you qualify for another program. This way you will not have to apply twice.

You also can contact your county directly if you:

  • Need help paying for long-term care or nursing home services
  • Are over age 65
  • Are a person with a disability
  • Need help paying for Medicare

If you don’t qualify for MA or MinnesotaCare, and do not qualify for another program through your county, you can still purchase health insurance through MNsure and see if you qualify for a federal tax credit.

Need help with MA or MinnesotaCare? 

Applicant FAQs

Apply now for MA or MinnesotaCare

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