How It Works

Photo: man lifting child in air. © Design Pics/Ron Nickel/Getty ImagesA New, Better Way to Shop for Health Insurance

MNsure is the single best, uniquely Minnesotan place to find health insurance. Our website gives you instant, easy access to coverage options. In addition, we continue to collaborate with community partners and insurance agents/brokers to grow our assister network that provides one-to-one assistance.

Easy to Find 

MNsure is a simple, easy-to-use marketplace. You can find health plans from multiple insurers in a standard format so you can see plans and costs side-by-side. You can search for plans with specific features that match your health needs.

Easy to Compare

You can compare plans, sort and order by different features, and search by such things as price or deductible. You can see which plans have gym membership discounts and weight loss programs. 

Summary of Benefits and Coverage are available for all plans so you can compare more information on covered benefits and cost sharing.

Easy to Enroll

Goodbye long, complicated paper forms. The new system guides you through enrollment step-by-step, for both yourself and your family, so you only need to fill out one application for any type of health coverage offered through MNsure. 

With the plan selection system, employers can give choice back to the employee instead of struggling to find a one-fits-all plan. That means less time spent on health insurance administration and more time on growing your business.

Financial Assistance / Tax Credits

Many Minnesotans will receive financial assistance--individual, employee or business tax credits and cost-sharing assistance--or qualify for health programs like Medicaid through MNsure beginning in 2014.  We’ll help determine if you qualify.

Personalized Assistance

We know that choosing health coverage can be complicated. Questions can arise about coverage exemptions, cancellations, or a host of other issues. Which is why we developed a comprehensive customer care team to help guide you through the process:

  • Fully trained, customer contact specialists are available to answer your question online or through a toll-free hotline. 
  • A statewide network of organizations and agents/brokers in your community to help you select the plan that fits your needs.

Getting Insurance through MNsure

Our aim is to make getting health insurance through MNsure a simple, straightforward process. Here is how we will help guide you:

  • Step One: Access the website. Choose either the individual or small employer category.
  • Step Two: About You. Once you’ve told us some essential details, you’ll see a range of plans that match what you are seeking. All the plans will meet standard requirements for value and quality.
  • Step Three: Select a Plan. Compare your options by price, provider or services offered.
  • Step Four: Reduce Your Cost. You may qualify for tax credits or health programs.
  • Step Five: Complete Your Enrollment. Individuals and families only need to fill out one application for any type of health coverage offered through the MNsure marketplace.