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Since the Affordable Care Act, the percentage of Minnesotans without health insurance has been reduced by half and now 96% are covered.

96% of Minnesotans now have health insurance: a historic high for our state. 

$330 million in federal tax credits to Minnesotans purchasing private health plans in 2017.

422,800 more Minnesotans now have health insurance.

Before the ACA and MNsure public program enrollment was 753,970. Today, with the ACA and MNsure, it's 1,138,601. Before the ACA hospital uncompensated care was $321 million Today, with the ACA and MNsure it's $268 million.
In 2010 Minnesota's uninsured rate before Affordable Care Act (ACA) was 9%. The state's uninsured rate in 2015, after the ACA is 4.3%.

See How Tax Credits Help Minnesotans in the Individual Market

Use the map below to see 2017 tax credit details for each county. Repealing the ACA would impact Minnesotans who are now benefiting from these tax credits. 

Find impacts on public programs here.

Real Stories: Why Coverage Matters

See more testimonials in Real Stories and MNsure Minute.

Ken and his wife Zion are able to realize their dreams of becoming small business owners thanks to affordable health care through MNsure.

Theater teacher and bicycle enthusiast Rebekah had a bike accident and is glad she was covered through MNsure.

These are just some examples of the people who were able to obtain quality, affordable health insurance coverage through MNsure.

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