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Electronic Agent of Record Policy


This policy applies to brokers.

Policy Details

The electronic Individual Plan Agent of Record (AOR) form is an alternative method that should be used to create an association with a consumer’s enrollment only when an agent of record association is not made through the “Manage Assister” feature in the consumer’s MNsure account. The electronic AOR form should be used to capture any agent of record designations, individual medical or dental plans, sold through the MNsure Marketplace, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, section 62V.051.

MNsure will send complete AOR forms to the insurance company if all of the following criteria has been met:

  1. Brokers must have completed all requirements to become a certified broker with MNsure.
  2. Brokers must have an active appointment with the insurance company that issued the insured’s policy. Insurance companies will compensate brokers based on the appointment contract between the broker and the insurance company subject to Minnesota Statutes, section 62V.05, subdivision 3.
  3. The broker identified must have a license in good standing with the state of Minnesota.
MNsure Individual Plan Agent of Record forms should be submitted as soon as possible after they are completed and signed by the consumer they are assisting but may be submitted up to six months after the original enrollment date so long as they meet the requirements for retroactive designation. MNsure and the health or dental insurance companies have 60 days from the date of receipt at MNsure for an AOR form to be fully processed.

Completing Electronic Form

  1. Fill out the electronic Individual Plan Agent of Record Appointment Designation form.
  2. The primary enrollee must be present to electronically sign his/her name.
  3. The primary enrollee must enter the date they s/he electronically signed the form.
  4. If the form is for a retroactive designation, the date that the designation took effect is required.

Sending Electronic Forms to Insurance Companies

  1. Once the electronic AOR form is submitted to MNsure a pop-up appears at the end of the form to indicate that the form was successfully submitted.
  2. MNsure will check for active enrollments based on the primary applicant information entered into the electronic AOR form.
  3. If a match is made and the enrollment has been sent to the insurance company, the AOR will be submitted to the insurance company within 30 days or less.
  4. If a match is not made to an enrollment, MNsure staff will investigate further to determine what action will be taken. If necessary, MNsure staff will reach out to the broker via phone or email for more information.

Terms and Definitions

  • Carrier appointment: A contract agreement between the broker and the insurance company.
  • Electronic agent of record (AOR): An online form that can be filled out manually by the broker and the consumer to create an association with a consumer’s enrollment as an alternative method to using the broker’s assigned reference number through the consumer’s MNsure account.
  • Information privacy and security responsible party: Brokers are responsible for complying with data privacy and security per the broker agreement in the “Notice of Monitored Performance” document and Minnesota Rules, part 7700.0800.
  • Primary enrollee: Also known as the subscriber, is listed first on the enrollment to be sent to the insurance company.


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