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MNsure Minute

The "MNsure Minute" is a series of video testimonials featuring consumers, MNsure-certified brokers and MNsure-certified navigators. The minute-long clips highlight real Minnesotans explaining how and why MNsure has worked for them, their families or their clients.

MNsure Minute: Ken

Ken and his wife Zion are able to realize their dreams of becoming small business owners thanks to affordable health care through MNsure.

MNsure Minute: Kerry

Radio DJ Kerry was lucky to survive a car accident and even luckier to survive the brain cancer that caused it. Thanks to MNsure, he's getting the treatment he needs.

MNsure Minute: Trish

Trish used to buy her insurance directly from an insurance company, but when she found out that premiums were going up, she decided it was time to shop around on MNsure to find a plan that worked for her and her daughter.

MNsure Minute: Glenn

MNsure-certified brokers like Glenn take the guesswork out of enrolling in health care. At no cost to the consumer, they help people choose a plan that's right for them.

MNsure Minute: Leah

Leah worked with MNsure-certified assisters to find an alternative to COBRA, saving her family of four $428 every month.

MNsure Minute: Rebekah

Theater teacher and bicycle enthusiast Rebekah had a bike accident earlier this year, and is glad she was covered through MNsure.

Graduate with Health Coverage

MNsure may be available for recent college graduates as they transition out of parent- or school-sponsored coverage.

MNsure Minute: Making a Difference

These are just some examples of the people who were able to obtain quality, affordable health insurance coverage through MNsure.

MNsure Minute: Derrick

After a year with no insurance, Derrick enrolls through MNsure, says health care is a necessity, not a privilege.

MNsure Minute: Angie

Angie is a MNsure navigator at Southside Community Health Services and has focused much of her enrollment work this year at students attending community colleges.

MNsure Minute: Mai

Mai Lo explains how she helps those in her community enroll in health insurance coverage through MNsure.

MNsure Minute: Emmy

Emmy explains how she helps those in the Spanish-speaking community enroll in health insurance coverage through MNsure.

MNsure Minute: Jacek and Gabi

For Jacek and Gabi, health insurance is part of overall wellness, and they're saving $800/month through MNsure.

MNsure Minute: Kathryn and Jaycie

Certified Application Counselors say it's very rewarding to help people get covered through MNsure.

MNsure Minute: Jenny

Jenny enrolled her boys in coverage through MNsure right before cancer diagnosis.

MNsure Minute: Alaina

Pharmacist Alaina says MNsure lets people get what they want out of health care.

MNsure Minute: Mohamed

Navigator Mohamed Works to Change Lives, Improve Lives of those in his Somali Community.

MNsure Minute: Mary Jo

Mary Jo explains how she helped a Minnesota family get financial help with their health insurance only available through MNsure.

MNsure Minute: Jake

Small business owner Jake saving at least $6,000 in premiums by purchasing health insurance coverage through MNsure.

MNsure Minute: Richard

Richard is a fifth-generation farmer in rural western Minnesota. Richard enrolled in health insurance coverage through MNsure, and says it has made a huge difference in how he controls his health care.

MNsure Minute: Rachelle

MNsure certified-navigator Rachelle sees many people leave her office in tears of joy.

MNsure Minute: Geraldine

As a MNsure navigator at Southside Community Health Services, Geraldine provides free, one-on-one enrollment assistance.

MNsure Minute: Paul

Paul is a small business owner and father of three children. When Paul's job was eliminated earlier this year, it left him and his family with decisions to make about their health insurance coverage.

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