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For years, Sinda has struggled to find affordable health insurance coverage due to a minor abnormality that showed up in one blood test but then did not show up in subsequent tests.

Although the test result was transitory, it led to Sinda being flagged for having a "pre-existing condition." This made it difficult for her to find reasonable health insurance coverage even though she was young and healthy.

The only coverage Sinda was able to find was in a high-risk pool. It carried a monthly premium of $450 and a sky-high deductible. The policy was not sustainable and did not provide the coverage Sinda was looking for.

Through MNsure's online marketplace, Sinda was able to find a plan with a $175 monthly premium and a deductible of just $1,000. The cost savings on her premium alone is $3,300 a year.

"I was blown away by the options on the MNsure website," Sinda said. "They're much better than what you could typically buy for yourself, and they're a lot better than what I was getting from my employer."

Through MNsure, young people like Sinda can find comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.

Photograph of  Sinda
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