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Roger and Judy

As farmers in rural Houston County, Roger and Judy have always purchased their own health insurance coverage because employer-sponsored coverage was not an option.

"Last year we paid $1,400 per month for health insurance," said Judy.

When news about MNsure and the cost savings many people experienced starting running across the state, Roger and Judy decided to check it out to see if they would be able to save some money as well. They attended an enrollment event held by a local navigator in their county.

After applying through MNsure, Roger and Judy found out they qualified for MinnesotaCare, and their monthly insurance costs were going down.

"With MinnesotaCare, we're going to pay just $1,400 per year for health insurance!" said Judy. "Our deductible will also go down by $5,000."

Photograph of  Roger and Judy
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