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Shari is a 52-year-old from Staples who works part time and therefore doesn’t qualify for employer-sponsored health insurance. Shari attended a “March to Enroll” event at the Staples Library to learn about her options through MNsure.

“Previously, I thought I would have to pay at least $250 a month for Insurance. I did not think I would qualify for assistance,” said Shari.

Due to changes in eligibility brought on by the Affordable Care Act, Shari learned she qualifies for MinnesotaCare through MNsure.

“I am relieved that I found out I qualify and that I have my insurance so I won't be penalized,” said Shari.

Minnesotans that may have previously been denied coverage like MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance may now qualify due to changes in eligibility rules. Check today to apply and see if you qualify.

Photograph of  Shari
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