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How MNsure is Working for Minnesotans

MNsure has changed Minnesota's health care landscape for the better. See how tax credits, uncompensated hospital care (debt), and insured rates have changed since MNsure became the state's marketplace under the Affordable Care Act.

illustration of 2017 enrollment snapshot, described in text on this page

illustration of how MNsure has changed Minnesota's health care landscape described in text on this page

Key Points

Health Care Landscape

  • 96% of Minnesotans now have health insurance. Our state's insured rate is at a historic high
  • 422,800 more Minnesotans are now insured.
  • Minnesota's uninsured rate in 2010, before MNsure was 9.0%. Minnesota's uninsured rate in 2015, with MNsure, was 4.3%.
  • Minnesota's public program enrollment before MNsure was 753,970. Today, with MNsure, it's 1,138,601
  • Minnesota's hospital uncompensated care (debt) before MNsure was $321 million. Today, with MNsure, it's down to $268 million.

2017 Enrollment Snapshot

  • 121,634 enrolled in private health plans
  • 77,650 enrolled in MinnesotaCare
  • 1,060,951 enrolled in Medicaid (Medical Assistance)

Tax Credits

  • 65% of Minnesotans purchasing private plans receiving tax credits
  • $330 million in federal tax credits to Minnesotans
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