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Common Errors

If you get a 400 or 500 unhandled service exception error

Clear your browser history and cache, or change browsers. Press the Ctrl (control), Shift and Delete keys at the same time. Select "clear browsing data," and close out of the current browser window. Open a new browser window to resume. 

If you get this error on the summary screen, go back to the home page to start a new application.

If you get an "unhandled user error"

This error may occur if you use your browser's back button. Click on the MNsure home button on the application page to resume. Do not use browser arrow buttons while in the MNsure application.

If you are unable to see the "Continue" or "Next" button because the page size is too big

Place your mouse cursor on a blank area of the page, press the tab key several times and the page will move down. Or, press the control and hyphen keys to zoom out.

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