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Account Creation Tips

Enrollees that already have a MNsure account should not create a new one. You can reset your password online or you can call the MNsure Contact Center at 1-855-366-7873 or 651-539-2099 for assistance.

As you fill in the fields on the account creation screens, follow these tips to ensure you have the best experience. 

Don't use spaces on the account creation form 

Make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces in any of the text you enter when creating your account. If there are spaces, you may get an error. For example, if your name is "Mary Beth", just enter Mary. Using "Mary Beth" contains a space and this will likely cause an error. 

Name field: 

  • Do not use special characters, such as dashes, periods and commas, when entering your name and address for account creation. This helps avoid problems with the e-signature process. 
  • We also recommend ensuring that the e-signature portion of the application match exactly the name used in the application portion. 
  • Do not use your full middle name. You can use the middle initial, but do not include a period.

Phone field: do not enter spaces. The phone number you enter will be automatically formatted for you.

Address field: do not use special characters, such as dashes, periods and commas, or abbreviations in the address field (for example, use "Avenue" instead of "Ave.").

User login ID: it can be from one to 20 characters long and can only include alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9).

Password: be sure to follow the rules below when creating your password. Secure your account with a password that only you will know.

  • Your password must include eight (8) characters of letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Your password must include at least one number, at least one uppercase letter and at least one lowercase letter.
  • Your password must include at least one special character from the following list: ! # $ % & ' ( ) , . : = ?@ or space character. Please note: asterisks (*) are not allowed. 
  • Recently used passwords cannot be reused.
  • Do not use your user name, first name or last name as part of your password.

Shared secret: your shared secret should be a minimum of four (4) characters.

If you forget your user name or password.

If you are unable to create an online account, you should complete the manual account creation form (PDF); be sure to include an email address. Mail the completed form to MNsure with copies of required identification. You will receive an email confirmation from MNsure within 5-7 business days.

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