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Plan Enrollment Tips

Enrolling In a Plan

After you complete your application, you should get a determination notice confirming coverage for which you are eligible.

Government-Sponsored Health Coverage

If you completed the application and were told you qualify for Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare you do not need to do anything else -- you don't need to pick a plan and enroll. You will receive information in the mail that will either confirm your coverage or describe if there are any additional things that you need to do.

Private Coverage

If you were determined eligible for and chose a private health plan (qualified health plan), your enrollment selection will be sent to your chosen insurance company. You should receive your insurance cards and plan information from your insurance company within 30-45 days. All family members enrolling in a private heath plan must enroll in the same plan.

The primary applicant should be the person you want to receive communications from MNsure and your chosen health insurance company. You may only have one primary applicant and you may not change the primary applicant.

American Indians Eligible for Zero-Cost-Sharing Reductions

American Indians and Alaska Natives who are eligible for the zero-cost-sharing reductions and need to enroll in an individual plan in order to receive this benefit, must complete the application and plan selection in one sitting without logging out. If you logout after eligibility is determined, you will need to contact the MNsure Contact Center at 1-855-366-7873 or 651-539-2099 to complete your enrollment so that your zero-CSR benefit can be applied.

Application and Enrollment Status

It takes 24 hours for your enrollment information to be logged into our system. Before calling our Contact Center with questions about your enrollment, please wait at least 24 hours after submitting your online enrollment.

If your application is pending and you have not enrolled in a plan: Select the "Enroll in Plans" link.

  • If you are eligible for a private health plan (with or without tax credits) select the Enroll in Plans button to shop for your plan.
  • If you are eligible for Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare, you will receive a packet in the mail.

If you are enrolled and paid but your application is still pending:

  • If you are enrolled in a private health plan (with or without tax credits) you will receive a packet in the mail from the insurance company.
  • If you are signed up for Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare, use the information on this page to contact the help desk.

Making Payments

You must pay your health insurance company directly; you cannot pay online through MNsure. You should receive an invoice or a letter from your insurance company about your first month's payment. Pay your bill by the due date provided by the insurance company. In some cases, you must make payment before the policy is activated. If you have questions about your first month's payment, please call your selected health or dental insurance company.

Manage Assister Button

If you are working with one of MNsure's certified assisters—a broker, navigator or certified application counselor—you can give them permission to act on your behalf to submit an application or enroll in a plan. Read how to use the "Manage my Assister" feature in your online account.

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