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4. Enroll and Sign


Next you will be asked to attest to information you have provided. By entering your name in the tax filer signature(s) text box, you attest you will file taxes for the upcoming year and you understand the advanced premium tax credit, if applied, will be reconciled on your federal tax return, and that this may affect tax refunds or taxes owed.

Confirmation and Signature

After you sign, a Confirmation and Signature page will appear.

You must review the entire plan selection confirmation and sign using the primary contact's name spelled EXACTLY THE SAME WAY it was entered on the primary contact screen. If you enter a middle initial or suffix and get an error message, try again without any text in those two boxes.

You are Not Finished Yet

After you confirm your enrollment choice, a popup screen will appear to let you know your application is complete and your plan selection has been recorded. An example of the screen is below.  

If you apply and enroll outside of the annual open enrollment period, the confirmation message will be followed by instructions on what to do next to complete the enrollment process for a special enrollment period. You'll see a message similar to this one:

"Your application for health insurance is complete and we have received your plan selection request. Additional action is needed to complete your enrollment.
Open enrollment through MNsure has ended. You must now have a qualifying life event (for example: birth, marriage, change in employment) to qualify for a special and purchase coverage. If you think you have a qualifying life event, call the MNsure Contact Center. We cannot process your enrollment request until you call us and we confirm that you meet the guidelines for a qualifying life event."

If you apply and enroll during the annual open enrollment period, the confirmation message will confirm your enrollment selection. You'll see a message similar to this one:

"You have successfully submitted your enrollment selection for coverage. We will send your plan selection to the insurance company you chose. In the coming weeks, you will receive a new enrollment packet. You will also receive information on how to make your first premium payment to your insurance company."

You may want to take a screen shot of this message for your records.

Click the "Close page" button. 

A summary screen will appear with your application and plan summary. 

Make sure you click the "Sign Out" link to end your session and protect your personal information.

More about what happens next.

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