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Here you will find articles specific to your work as well as all the latest policy updates and information for all MNsure-certified assisters. The announcements can be filtered by 'Broker', 'Navigator / CACs' and also by date.

Assister Portal Enhancements Coming in April

3/24/2017 7:38:17 AM

MNsure has included some enhancements to the assister portal in the IT release scheduled for the first weekend of April. These changes are anticipated to include:

  • Improving assister portal landing page navigation.
  • Providing assisters with more contact information for associated consumers (address and phone number).
  • Allowing consumers to see an organizational affiliation for an assister through the assister portal.

MNsure will provide more information on these changes during the monthly conference calls/webinars in April. For current users, a PowerPoint presentation will be available to provide details on the new features. For new users, the additional features will be incorporated into an updated version of the assister portal training.

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