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Here you will find articles specific to your work as well as all the latest policy updates and information for all MNsure-certified assisters. The announcements can be filtered by 'Broker', 'Navigator / CACs' and also by date.

Openings for spots on MNsure’s Advisory Committees:

10/6/2017 10:00:54 AM

The MNsure Board of Directors is seeking applications for spots on its advisory committees. The advisory committees provide guidance, advice, and recommendations to the MNsure Board as it carries out its mission, in an effort to better align the long-term future of MNsure with the needs of the public. MNsure has two advisory committees:

  • The Consumer and Small Employer Advisory Committee, which consists of consumers, including those with expertise and/or personal experience enrolling in qualified health plans, public programs, self-employed individuals, representatives of small businesses, and other experts in consumer and health care market issues.

  • The Health Industry Advisory Committee, which consists of representatives of insurance producers, health plans, health care providers, and other experts in the healthcare industry.

Applications are /about-us/jobs/advisory-opportunities.jspopen on the MNsure website. Applications are due Thursday, October 12.


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