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Becoming a MNsure-Certified Broker

2015/2016 broker certification opens September 8, 2015. 

Interested in becoming a MNsure-certified broker? Find the requirements for getting certified in Broker One Stop. (Brokers who did not certify in 2014 or prior to May 31, 2015, must complete these certification requirements prior to assisting consumers with health and dental plans sold on the MNsure Marketplace.)


Agents/brokers play a vital part in MNsure’s success. By assisting individuals, families and small employers with application and enrollment services, you help Minnesotans get the insurance they need. Broker relationships with health insurers will continue to function as they do today.


Carriers will compensate agents/brokers (Insurance Producers), subject to Minnesota Statutes, section 62V.05, subdivision 3.

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