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Qualifying Life Events

Some qualifying life events, such as losing your health insurance coverage or having a baby, allow special effective dates for coverage. If your life event qualifies you for a special effective date, you must call the MNsure Contact Center (1-855-366-7873 or 651-539-2099) for your coverage to start on the special effective date. For example, when a family's household size changes because they have a baby, the family has 60 days to enroll their baby in coverage that will be effective back to the baby's date of birth.

Loss of Qualifying Health Coverage

  • You may qualify for a special enrollment period if you or someone in your household lost qualifying health insurance in the past 60 days OR expect to lose coverage in the next 60 days. For example, when Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare coverage ends or employer-sponsored coverage ends because a job is ending. This includes those who want an alternative to COBRA continuation coverage
  • Voluntary loss of coverage because premiums were not paid on time, including COBRA premiums, does not qualify you for a special enrollment period.

Change in Household Size

  • Marriage
  • Gain of a dependent through birth of a child, adoption, foster care or a child support order.
  • Loss of a dependent through divorce or death while you are enrolled in a qualified health plan through MNsure.

Change in Eligibility for Coverage through MNsure

  • Gain of citizenship, U.S. national or lawfully present status or a change in incarceration status that makes you newly eligible for a qualified health plan.
  • For MNsure enrollees, a change in circumstances that makes you newly eligible or ineligible for advanced premium tax credits or cost-sharing reductions.
  • Changes in the terms of your employer-sponsored coverage that make it no longer affordable to you or no longer meet minimum value requirements.

Change in Residence

  • Making a permanent move to a new county or zip code that provides new qualified health plan options can qualify you for a special enrollment period.  To qualify, you must have had qualified health plan coverage for at least one day during the 60 days before your move, unless you are moving to Minnesota from a foreign country or U.S. territory.
  • Making a temporary move or a move for purposes of receiving medical treatment does not qualify you for a special enrollment period.  

Enrollment Error

If you believe that there is an error on your enrollment that was caused by MNsure action or inaction, or by your navigator or broker, then you might be eligible for a special enrollment period to enroll or change plans. 

Member of a Federally Recognized Tribe

  • Enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe are eligible to enroll in a qualified health plan or change from one plan to another one time per month, year-round, including outside the annual open enrollment period. 
  • Household members who are not tribal members can enroll in or change qualified health plans with a qualifying tribal member one time per month if they apply for coverage with the qualifying tribal member.

Other Qualifying Events

  • Victims of domestic abuse or spousal abandonment.
  • Failure to enroll during an enrollment period because of circumstances beyond your control, such as a natural disaster.
  • Loss of eligibility for a hardship exemption during a coverage year.
  • Employee of a small employer that newly offers a qualified small employer health reimbursement arrangement (QSEHRA).

Additional Details

Generally, the special enrollment period begins on the date the qualifying event takes place (regardless of when the change is reported) and ends 60 calendar days later.

Important: MNsure may request more information from you to verify your life event. You will have 30 days to respond. If you fail to respond in 30 days, you may lose your coverage.

See more details about qualifying life events in the MNsure Guide to Special Enrollment Period.

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