Find an Assister

You can find help in your community using the MNsure assister directory below. Hundreds of assisters (navigators and brokers) are certified to serve individuals throughout Minnesota, and more are being added every week. 

The directory displays a large amount of data and may take some time to load.  Browsers that work best for viewing the directory are Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

How to use the Assister Directory

To view contact information for each assister: Click on the arrows (icon-right.png) at the beginning of each row (in front of the City name).

The directory is sortable by all fields shown below. In addition, all of the fields also can be filtered to display assisters that match the criteria you specify.

To sort or filter: 
  • Hover over a column label in the top header row (City, County, Zip, First Name, Role or AgencyName).
  • Use the arrows on the right side of the column (sortascbutton.png menubutton.png) to sort or filter by your preferences. (For example, you can filter the list to display only assisters that are in a zip code that starts with 560.) 
  • In order to access the arrows to sort or filter by AgencyName, scroll all the way to the right using the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the directory.

You may view the directory as a PDF or use an alternate printable version (please allow time to load; may not display in Internet Explorer).

To search by language, use the PDF version.