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Manual account creation process reminder

8/31/2017 10:00:02 AM

Assisters have expressed some confusion as to whether an assister receives an email with account credentials during the manual account creation process. MNsure is only able to send the new account credentials to one place. The place where the account credentials are sent is determined in the following way:

  • If a consumer email address is provided, MNsure will email the account credentials to the email address the consumer lists as their email address on the form. In this situation, the account credentials will NOT be emailed to an assister listed on the Account Request Form.
  • If no consumer email address is provided, but there is an assister email address, MNsure will email the credentials to the assister email address. In this situation, the consumer will not receive the account credentials by email or mail.
  • If there is no consumer email address and no assister email address on the Account Request Form, then MNsure will mail the credentials to the consumer’s mailing address.

If you are expecting credentials by email, remember to check your junk mail folders!

For more details please review MNsure’s /assister-central/shared-resources/joint-policies/manual-account-creation.jspManual Account Creation Policy on Assister Central


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