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Broker Certification

Requirements for brokers who did not complete certification or recertification requirements in the previous year.

Registration is the first step in the certification process. If you have not yet registered, please visit the Registration page for brokers.

Required Training


All training is eligible for CE credits assigned to each course listed below. MNsure will report CE credits to SIRCON for successful course completions.

No credit will be earned if the licensee has previously received credit for the same course during the same licensing period.

  • Assister Data Security, Accessibility, Compliance and Ethics (1 CE upon successful completion)
  • Core Curriculum (2 CE upon successful completion)
  • 2018 Role-Based Curriculum for Assisters (2 CE upon successful completion)
  • MNsure Assister Portal (1 CE upon successful completion)

Support Staff

  • Assister Data Security, Accessibility, Compliance and Ethics


  • Get help accessing online training.
  • Please visit the MNsure Assister Portal page for information and resources as well as the benefits and features of using the assister portal to assist your clients.
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