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Screening Consumers

The more time an assister spends learning about a consumer's situation, the better they can ensure they are the right resource and the consumer will receive the help they need.

Consumer Information Checklist

Have the consumer gather this information and bring it with them to your first meeting. Emphasize that not having everything on the list may mean they will have to come back another time.

Assister Portal Consumer Authorization 

Your first meeting is a good time tell the consumer they can authorize you to act on their behalf using the assister portal. Information for the consumer about setting up this authorization is on on the How to Manage Your Assister and Managing an Assister FAQ pages.

The Assister Portal section of assister central covers account and consumer list management tips and more information. Here are a few key reminders:

  • Brokers must have an association with the consumer through the assister portal to establish their agent of record.
  • A consumer can authorize an assister to act on their behalf at any time in the process: before, during or after an application has been submitted. 

Get to Know the Consumer 

Consumers situations can vary and this section provides questions that an assister can ask in order to understand a consumer’s situation.

Assisters must ask consumers for the minimum amount of personal information that is needed to provide assistance, therefore it is recommended that these questions be used to create intake forms for the populations that assisters work with. Information about collecting personal information can be found on Terms and Privacy and MNsure Privacy Warnings

Questions to Ask

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