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Renew Your Contract

Important Deadlines

May 20, 2022 is the deadline to submit your application to renew your contract. Agencies may submit an application AFTER May 20, but there may not be sufficient time to get your new contract in place by July 1.

After submitting your application through AMP, MNsure will review the application. If your application is approved, your Signature Authority will receive an email from MNsure through DocuSign to electronically sign your new contract.

Step 1: Log In To Your AMP Account

Each individual with access to the Agency Management Program (AMP) will need to set up their own account in AMP using their email. Your individual AMP account is linked to your agency's AMP account through your email address. Follow these instructions to create your AMP account.

Once you have set up your individual account and validated your email address, you can log in to your AMP account.

After you log in you will be taken to the Account Management home screen. Any agency roles you have been assigned will appear under “Manage agency.”

Note that any user role can be used to complete the application. However, only the “Signature Authority” user role can electronically sign and submit the application.

Click on “Manage agency” under a user role to log in to your agency's AMP account.

your agency accounts and roles with the Manage Agency link

If you DO NOT see your agency listed under "Manage agency" as the screen shot shows, STOP and contact us at immediately. Include your name and the name of the agency you are attempting to manage. DO NOT click on "Create a new agency and submit a new application to contract with MNsure."

When you click on “Manage Agency,” you will be asked to log in again. This is not an error, but a necessary step to ensure you are authorized to access this particular agency’s account. The system will autofill your Agency ID and Role ID and ask you to re-enter your email and password. Use the same email and password you used to log in to your individual AMP account.

Log in screen for agency and role

After logging in, you will land on the Agency Home screen.

Agency home screen

Step 2: Complete the Application Sections

The application for the FY 2023-2026 contract period has four sections that must be completed:

  • Agency Information
  • Authorized Agency Contacts
  • Data Privacy and Security Information
  • Additional Application Questions

The sections can be completed by any of your authorized users and they do not all need to be completed at the same time or in any particular order.

To begin working on the application, once you have logged in and are on the Agency Home screen, select “Agency Account” from the top menu bar.

select agency account in the top menu

On the Agency Account screen, you will see a list of the four application sections and whether or not the section has been completed.

application completion status showing all sections not completed

To complete a section of the application, click on the hyperlink to that section, or scroll down to the section.

Click on the “Edit … “ link below the section header to complete the information.

edit link is below section headings

All information with an asterisk (*) will need to be completed before you click on “Update.”

Once you have updated a section, the status under “Application Completion Status” will update from “No” to “Yes.”

application status one completed section

If you are renewing your contract, some sections of your application already contain information. However, for the system to change the application completion status from “No” to “Yes,” you will need to “Edit” every section and review the information. If you have no updates to the information, just click “Update” to submit that section of the application.

Once you have completed the four application sections, if you are not logged into AMP in the Signature Authority role, you will see a message that the Signature Authority must sign and submit the application.

If you are the Signature Authority for the organization and you see this message, it means you are logged in under a role other than Signature Authority. You must completely log out of AMP and log back in again under your Signature Authority role.

application status showing all sections completed except for signature

Step 3: Electronically Sign and Submit Application

(Note that this step can only be completed by your signature authority.)

To sign and submit your completed application, the Signature Authority must log in to AMP. (Note: The Signature Authority may first need to create their own AMP account.)

After logging in, click on “Manage Agency” under the User Role: Signature Authority.

Manage Agency link under Signature of Authority role

After you log in, click on Agency Account

select agency account in the top menu

If all sections of the application have been completed, the Signature Authority will see a link to “Sign and Submit” the application. If another individual at the agency completed the application, be sure to review the information that has been entered before clicking on “Sign and Submit Application.”

sign and submit link is under the last application status radio button

As the Signature Authority, you will be asked to attest that the information provided in the application is true. You must enter your name and title. IF you are renewing your application, this information will be pre-populated with whomever signed and submitted your last application.  Make sure the name and title match the name and title for the individual currently listed as your agency’s Signature Authority. Click “Submit my signed application” to electronically sign your application.

select agency account in the top menu

After the Signature Authority has electronically signed and submitted the application, the Application Completion status will be updated to say “Yes.” The Contract Start Date and End Date shown will reflect your current contract. These dates will be updated once the contract renewal process is complete and MNsure has executed your contract for the new contract period.

application status showing contract executed

Step 4: MNsure Reviews Contract Application

MNsure will review your application and contact your agency if there are any questions or potential disqualifications. It is important that you respond immediately to any questions. Any delays may mean that you will not have a new contract in place by July 1.

Step 5: Agency Reviews and Signs Contract

If your application is approved, your Signature Authority will receive an email from MNsure through DocuSign to electronically sign your new contract. 

Your signature authority must sign the contract through DocuSign no later than Friday, June 24 to ensure your agency's contract will be fully executed by July 1. Failure to renew your contract will result in the expiration of your agency's contract on June 30, 2022.

Once your contract is executed, the contract end date in your Agency Account will be updated to reflect the new contract period.

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