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ARC Life Event Change Procedure

The ARC can assist with reporting some changes needed for consumers that have an active qualified health plan (QHP) determination or a mixed eligibility household not in public program renewal. Other changes must be reported using the online reporting tool. For a list of changes and the appropriate method for reporting it, please review the Report Changes Online page.

  1. If the change should be reported by phone, call the ARC.
  2. The consumer must be physically present with the assister, or on the call at the time the call is initiated. ARC staff must speak with the consumer to verify three PIIs and give data privacy and attestation warnings.
  3. The consumer can then give permission to the assister to report the change or the ARC will take the change from the consumer.
  4. The life event will either be processed live on the phone or be forwarded to the Life Event Change Team for processing.

Key points:

  • The ARC will not take a life event change (LEC) over the phone if it can be done online (unless there is a medical emergency).
  • Please have income figures and other information to be changed determined prior to calling in the LEC.
  • ARC does not calculate income for consumers.
  • ARC staff are unable to give a timeline on LEC processing.
  • For help reporting life events online, please review Avoiding Common Errors in Reporting Life Events (PDF).
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