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Navigator and CAC Training Access

Tips for MNsure-certified navigators and CACs on how to have a successful training experience.

How to Begin Training

Follow these steps to access and begin your training:

  1. Navigate to the MNsure Learning Center
  2. Select the Sign On link found on the upper right hand corner of the web page under the “learning and certification portal” bar.
  3. Enter your assigned Training ID into the “Unique Key” field. You should have received this via email. If you are unable to log in with the Unique Key provided, or cannot find that ID please contact the Assister Resource Center at
  4. Select the OK button.
  5. Select the “your learning path summary” link.

Refer to the tip sheet, How to Access Online Training (PDF), for detailed instructions on how to locate and complete the courses.

Tips for a Successful Training Experience

  • Verify all of your pop-up blockers are turned off as it is possible that more than one pop-up blocker is enabled. A PDF document is available to assist you further.
  • Add as a trusted site. You can do this under internet options - security tab - trusted sites.
  • Some organizations have firewall protection systems in place; contact your organization’s Help Desk for assistance.
  • Updated versions of Firefox or Google Chrome are the suggested browsers to complete training
  • Training cannot be completed on a tablet device such as iPad or Kindle.
  • If you have made several unsuccessful attempts you may want to forward the link to your personal computer.
  • Please be patient. Internet speed may affect how quickly information is loaded.

Special Training Features

  • While in the training, you will click the “next” button to advance the content. The courses are timed, so the “next” button will not appear until the minimum screen time has elapsed. Screens that include a link have a longer screen time to encourage you to click the link and explore the additional information.
  • In order to get credit for completing the course, you will need to participate in ALL the interactions that are included in the course. For example, you need to click to open any pop-up windows and answer any “Check Your Understanding” questions that are asked within the course.
  • Once a module is completed the status will indicate “mastered” or “finished.” If it does not show mastered or finished, it may be because you did not participate in all the interactions, or you did not pass the associated assessment.
  • The final assessment is at the end of the series of courses, rather than after each individual course.
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