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Assister Portal Access Policy

This policy applies to navigators and certified application counselors.

Policy Details

All certified navigators and certified application counselors (CACs), described as assisters throughout this document, may access MNsure’s assister portal. The assister portal provides assisters with enhanced capacity to help consumers with the process of applying and enrolling in health insurance coverage.

Before MNsure will set up an assister portal account for a navigator or CAC, the individual must:

  • Have approval from their organization’s Agency Administrator
  • Have all certification requirements up to date
  • Complete the required assister portal training
  • Achieve a passing score on the assister portal assessment


  1. Authorized agency contact submits the appropriate roster (navigator or CAC) online in the Agency Management Program (AMP) and approves access to the assister portal.
    1. In the “Assister Portal Access” field, a “Yes” indicates that the assister is approved by the organization to have an assister portal account.
    2. The email address provided in the “Certification Information” fields must be an email unique to the assister. Generic emails, such as info@ or intern@, are not acceptable for creating an assister portal account.
    3. Assisters must enter contact information in the “Public Facing Information” fields that will be displayed to a consumer under “Assister Details” in their MNsure online account. The phone number and email entered in these fields may be a centralized contact and does not need to be unique to the assister.
    4. More information on how to submit roster updates is available in the Submitting Organization Rosters policy and procedures.
  2. The assister completes the assister portal training course and accompanying assessment in the MNsure Learning Center. Assisters will use the same Unique Key/Training ID to access the assister portal training as they use to access their certification and recertification training. For more instructions on how to locate and complete the course, review the tip sheet, How to Access MNsure Learning Center 2018 (PDF).
    1. The course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.
    2. The assessment requires a 70% to achieve mastery.
  3. Once an assister has met all the requirements outlined in the policy above, the ARC will enroll the assister in the assister portal.
    1. The assister will receive an account activation email automatically generated by the system with instructions for setting up their assister portal account.
    2. The assister will receive a separate email directly from the ARC confirming their account has been created and providing links to assister portal support materials.
    3. Authorized agency contacts can see an individuals assister portal reference number in AMP.

Terms and Definitions

  • Assister: Refers to navigators and certified application counselors (CACs)
  • ARC: Assister Resource Center
  • Assister portal: Online portal that enables assisters to apply and enroll on behalf of a consumer who has authorized them.
  • Authorized Agency Contact: Individuals identified by the agency as being in the role of Agency Administrator/Primary Contact, Authorized Representative/Contract Manager, or Signature Authority.
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