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Annual Eligibility Renewal Notice

Who gets this notice?

This notice is mailed to consumers who are re-determined eligible for a qualified health plan for the coming coverage year. The notice informs consumers of any updated tax credit amounts. This group can include consumers who are not currently enrolled but have applied previously with MNsure. The notice will be viewable in the consumer's online account. DO NOT create a new account for any consumers that are in this category.

What should the consumer do?

The notice contains current data from the consumer account that the consumer should review for accuracy, such as the amount of next year's projected annual income. Consumers who receive this notice should NOT send this form back, but have the following options:

  • If consumers have no changes to report, they do not need to take any action. They will be automatically re-enrolled into their current plan if offered, or they can choose to shop for and enroll in a new plan during open enrollment.
  • If consumers have a change to report, they can call the MNsure Contact Center. Their eligibility will be re-determined, and based on their new eligibility, they can enroll in a QHP during open enrollment, or they will receive notification for MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance if eligible.

What happens next?

  • If the consumer does not take any action, they will be automatically enrolled into their current plan. If a consumer’s current plan is unavailable, the consumer will be cross walked to a similar plan when possible.
  • The consumer can choose to shop and enroll in a new plan during open enrollment.
  • The consumer can report a change by calling the Contact Center, and eligibility will be re- determined. Based on their new eligibility they can enroll in a QHP or will receive notification for MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance.

How to Identify this Notice

  • The MNsure logo is on the upper right of the first page.
  • The title of this notice is, "Health Care Eligibility Renewal Notice."
  • It contains information for each household member on the MNsure application.
  • It may be 20 or more pages long depending on the household size.
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