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Navigator Case Association Form Policy

This policy applies to navigators.

Policy Details

In order to facilitate the processing of payments to navigator organizations, navigators must use the online Navigator Case Association Form to associate with a consumer when other methods of association are not possible. Refer to the Assister Case Association policy for procedures for using other methods of association.

Allowable situations for using the Navigator Case Association Form include:

  • Assisted with submitting a pre-populated Renewal Form for a consumer in “Need to Renew” status in METS (Consumers in “Auto Renew” status and MAXIS renewals are not eligible for payment)
  • Assisted a consumer with an application for coverage that is not processed through METS (check one):
    • Minnesota Health Care Programs Application for Certain Populations (DHS-3876)
    • DACA Application (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)
    • Medicare Savings Program
  • Assisted an inmate with completing a Minnesota Health Care Programs Application
  • Assisted a consumer who submitted an online application and the navigator and consumer were not associated at the time the application was submitted
  • Assisted with reporting a life event that resulted in newly adding IAP coverage for a household member
  • Assisted a renewing consumer with actively selecting a qualified health plan during open enrollment or a special enrollment period and the navigator and consumer were not associated through the assister portal at the time the enrollment was completed

Case Association Form Procedure

  1. Go to the online Navigator Case Association Form. See Updates to the Case Association Form Webinar for information about completing this form.
  2. Fill out all required fields (*) on the form. All required fields must be completed or the form will not be accepted.
  3. An electronic signature is required from both the navigator and the primary applicant.
  4. Once the navigator clicks “submit” on the online form, the data will be automatically submitted to the ARC for processing. 
  5. The online form must be submitted within 30 days of the application. Online forms submitted 30 days after the application date will not be processed.

Terms and Definitions

  • IAP: Insurance Affordability Programs (IAPs) include Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare and Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC).
  • MAXIS: A legacy computer system used by Minnesota state and county workers to determine eligibility for public assistance and health care.
  • METS: Minnesota Eligibility Technology System.
  • Navigator Case Association Form: Form used to associate a navigator with a consumer application or enrollment to facilitate per-enrollee payments.
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