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Certification Policy

This policy applies to navigators and certified application counselors (CACs), referred to collectively as assisters in this policy.

Policy Details

To begin actively assisting consumers through the MNsure marketplace, each individual who will deliver direct consumer assistance through a contracted navigator or CAC organization must be certified through MNsure.

In order to be certified as a navigator or CAC, individuals must meet the following requirements:

  • Be listed on the roster of an agency that has a valid navigator contract or certified application counselor agreement in place with MNsure.
  • Complete a background study.
  • Complete all required training courses through the online MNsure Learning Center, achieving the minimum passing score on all required assessments.

Assisters-in-training are prohibited from:

  • Performing the duties of a certified assister, including helping a consumer with the application and/or enrollment process.
  • Calling the ARC for any reason. Assisters-in-training must email the ARC ( to submit required forms or report technical issues with the training process.
  • Using their training ID for any other purpose than logging into the MNsure Learning Center.


  1. An authorized contact at the agency initiates the certification process by adding a new staff person online through Agency Management Program (AMP). The new staff person, known as an assister-in-training, will be assigned the status of “New” in AMP.
  2. After a new staff person has been added to the agency roster in AMP:
    • The ARC will create a training account in the MNsure Learning Center for the assister-in-training. In order to prevent duplicate persons in the Learning Center, the ARC may contact the assister-in-training to verify past employment. The assister-in-training will receive an email from the ARC when their training account is created with information regarding taking the required online training courses through the MNsure Learning Center. The assister-in-training’s status will change to “Not Certified” in AMP. The current certification requirements for navigators and CACs are published on MNsure’s Navigator One Stop.
  3. The ARC will evaluate the status of assisters-in-training at least once per week.
    • Assisters-in-training that have completed a background check and completed all required training will be submitted to MNsure’s general counsel as the MNsure Board of Directors designee, for certification approval.
    • Once approved by general counsel, the individual will receive an e-mail confirming their certification and notifying them of their MNsure Assister ID. The assister-in-training’s status will change to “Certified” in AMP.
    • Assisters-in-training who meet the requirements for assister portal access will be enrolled in the assister portal once their certification has been approved.

Authorized users of AMP can track staff progress through the certification process using AMP.

Terms and Definitions

  • AMP: Agency Management Program (AMP) is the online self-service method for authorized agency contacts to manage their agency’s roster and agency information.
  • ARC: The Assister Resource Center (ARC) is MNsure’s dedicated service center for MNsure-certified navigators and CACs.
  • Assister: Navigator or certified application counselor (CAC) certified by MNsure.
  • Assister ID: A nine-digit alpha-numeric unique ID issued by the ARC once an assister-in-training has met all certification requirements.
  • Assister-in-training: Individuals that have been submitted through an organizational roster to the ARC to complete the certification process. They are an assister-in-training until they have completed the required steps and are notified of their certified status by MNsure.
  • Training ID: A unique key issued by the ARC that allows an assister-in-training to log into the MNsure Learning Center. For individuals who have an existing training ID in the Learning Center from a previous employer, their existing training ID will be used.
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