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ARC Password Reset Procedure

Consumers resetting a password for their existing or newly created account:

  1. Call the ARC.
  2. Password resets can be done only when the consumer is present. The consumer must be in the same room with the assister or on the same phone line as the assister.
  3. Verify three pieces of PII on the consumer account profile. Those PII should be based on the information that consumer entered when they created the account.
  4. The ARC will provide the consumer’s username and reset the account with a temporary password.
  5. If three PII cannot be verified, the ARC will be unable to reset the password.
  6. If necessary, the ARC will wait to verify the assister can access the consumer’s account.
  7. Before concluding the call, the ARC will check if the consumer has an active application.

Key Points:

  • Password resets can only be done when the consumer is present.
  • Only one password reset can be done per phone call to protect consumer privacy.
  • ARC cannot give any hints on PIIs.
  • The ARC can use the following consumer PII to verify the account info:
    • Full name
    • Username
    • Address
    • Email
    • Phone number

Assisters resetting a password for their Assister Portal account:

  • Password reset can be completed over the phone or via email request.
  • If available, the assister should provide their username.
  • If unable to provide username then full name, assister ID and agency name must be verified or included in email. Assister will be provided with username after verification of account.
  • The ARC representative will reset the password on the portal account.
  • Representative will provide the temporary password which will be valid for 24 hours.
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