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Policy on Information Sharing


This policy applies to the MNsure Assister Resource Center (ARC), navigators and certified application counselors (CACs).

Policy Details

ARC and MNsure staff may only provide private information about a MNsure consumer if the navigator or CAC is actively certified and can provide sufficient identifiers about the consumer. By requesting private information from the ARC about a consumer, an assister is representing that they have the consumer’s authorization to access the consumer’s private information.

Furthermore, the consumer must be on the phone line when a navigator or CAC requests any action that may impact the consumer’s eligibility or enrollment to ensure the consumer consents to and understands any action that may impact their eligibility or enrollment.

Procedure for Information Sharing

In order for MNsure or ARC staff to provide data about a MNsure consumer, a navigator or CAC must first:

  1. Provide their own first and last name. (Exception: If the consumer is present and the assister does not feel comfortable sharing their full last name, the assister can provide their last initial and their organization name.)
  2. Provide their Assister ID to confirm they are actively certified
  3. Provide three (3) unique identifiers about the consumer. Identifiers may include:
    • First and Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Residential Address
    • Email Address
    • Last four digits of SSN

Before providing any private information, ARC staff will confirm the navigator or CAC is actively certified and has provided three (3) unique identifiers about the consumer. ARC staff can only provide the information necessary for the navigator or CAC to assist their consumer, for example the existence or status of an existing application, or the income information currently listed on an application. ARC staff may ask for more information to understand the navigator, CAC or consumer’s needs and objectives.

ARC staff will not provide a consumer’s username and/or password unless the consumer is on the phone line.

Procedure for Eligibility or Enrollment Changes

A consumer must be on the phone line when a navigator or CAC is requesting any change to the consumer’s eligibility or enrollment. This includes:

  1. Submitting a life event change (review the online list of which changes can be reported by phone)
  2. Reporting a qualifying life event for a special enrollment period
  3. Requesting a manual qualified health plan enrollment
  4. Cancelling a qualified health plan

The consumer does not need to on the phone if a navigator or CAC is calling to request that a pending application be processed.

Procedure for Use of Speakerphone When Calling the ARC

To the extent possible, while protecting the consumer’s privacy, navigators and CACs may use a speaker phone or conference call to enable the consumer to be aware of and understand the actions being requested or taken. If a private speaker phone conversation is not possible, the navigator or CAC should explain so the consumer understands the actions being requested or taken.

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