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Who Renews and When?

  • Consumers enrolled in qualified health plans (QHPs) can renew their coverage during the annual open enrollment period.
  • Consumers who have Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare (public programs) will get notified by DHS when their renewal is up, and the steps to take to renew their membership.
  • Mixed-eligibility households: The QHP members follow the same renewal process as QHP-only households. Public program members follow instructions from DHS.

Scenarios and Notices

See the most common renewal scenarios and steps to take to help these consumers renew their coverage.

Tips for Assisting with Renewals

  • Activate your access to the assister portal so that you can become familiar with it and help enrollees complete the renewal process as efficiently as possible.
  • Consumers must respond to the Health Care Eligibility Renewal notice before the listed deadline to ensure they have an accurate eligibility determination for the next coverage year.
  • Help consumers learn about QHP plan options before open enrollment begins so they can make sure they find the best plan for their household.
  • If a consumer has application changes to report, make sure they have the correct supporting documentation.
  • Notices can become outdated if there is a change after a notice is processed. Be sure consumers are referring to the notice with the most current date if they have more than one.
  • Consumers that change QHP plans by shopping during open enrollment may want to contact their insurance company to stop any automatic billing. MNsure does this as well, but depending on the timing, it may not be stopped right away.
  • Some notices will be viewable in the consumer's account in the eligibility section under "My Notifications."
  • Consumers can read these FAQ about renewing coverage on
  • Look for logo on the renewal notice. The logo will belong the servicing agency for the renewal.
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