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Add Staff to Your Roster

Step 1: Create a New Staff Member

After logging in to AMP, from the Agency Home screen, click on “Add a new staff member to my roster” or “Add New Staff.”

menu for adding new staff on agency home screen

Enter the new staff member’s first name, last name and email address.

Add new staff fields.

The email address must be unique to this individual. AMP will give you an error if the individual’s email address is already in the system associated with another staff member.

error message for new member email address as described in surrounding text

Step 2: Add Certification Information

After you click “submit” to create a new staff member, you be taken to the “View staff member” screen where you can edit this individual’s information. MNsure will not begin setting up training access for a staff member until the Certification Information section has been completed.

Click on “Edit Certification Information.”

Edit certification link to edit staff member information

You will need to complete all the required fields with an asterisk (*).


  • Select whether the staff member is “active” or “inactive.” If the individual is not listed as “active,” MNsure will not set up training access or evaluate this individual for certification.
  • Make sure all the information entered in the Certification Information section is the information MNsure can use to contact the individual assister. The address may be the same as the organization’s main address. If the individual is based at another location, enter that address here.

Click “Update” when you have completed the section.

If you leave any required fields incomplete, you will get an error message that says, ”Values in one or more fields are invalid."

Step 3: Add Public-Facing Information

The public-facing information section must be completed for all navigator staff. This section must also be completed for any certified application counselor who will be requesting an assister portal account.

Click on “Edit Public-Facing Information.

public-facing information

You will need to complete all the required fields with an asterisk (*).


  • The phone number and email entered here are what will appear to members of the general public in the assister directory. You may choose to enter a central phone number and/or email for the staff member.
  • When selecting counties served by the staff member, only select counties where the staff member is able to provide in-person assistance if requested by a consumer.

Click “Update” when you have completed the section.

Step 4: Monitor Training ID Activation

When you add a new staff member to your roster, they will be assigned a randomly generated Training ID. If their “Certification Status” shows as “New,” the Training ID has not been activated. It may take up to ten business days for MNsure to set up the training account.

staff record showing new certification status

Once the Assister Resource Center (ARC) has set up the individual’s account in the MNsure Learning Center, the individual’s “Certification Status” will change from “New” to “Not Certified.” The individual will receive an email notifying them that they can begin training.

If a staff member’s “Certification Status” shows as “Not Certified,” their account has been set up and they can use the Training ID shown in AMP to log in to the MNsure Learning Center.

staff record showing Not Certified certification status

Step 5: Request and Monitor Background Study

All individuals seeking MNsure certification as a navigator or certified application counselor must complete a background study.

The authorized agency contact steps for requesting a background study are located on the Authorized Agency Contacts page in the Background Studies section.

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