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Broker One Stop

One-stop shop for MNsure-certified brokers with forms, guides, training resources, certification and recertification help, FAQ and much more.

Broker announcements can be found by using the "Brokers" filter on the Assister Announcements page. 

Agent of Record

Information about agent of record for 2019 SEP enrollments and 2020 enrollments. Including tips for completing associations through the assister portal.

Certification and Recertification

Information about certification and recertification requirements, Core Curriculum and Role-Specific Curriculum for MNsure-certified brokers.

Contact Us

Use our dedicated service line for MNsure-certified brokers at 844-520-8695, or submit your request with our online form.


Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about certification, recertification, broker roles, website technology and more.

Forms and Guides

Find MNsure-certified broker forms here including Agent of Record, MNsure paper applications, account request forms and more.

Meetings and Webinars

Monthly meetings and webinars for MNsure-certified brokers.

Policies and Procedures

Contracts and policies for MNsure-certified brokers.


Register your agency here to begin broker certification.  Already registered? Log in to manage your roster or view broker training completions.

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