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Monitor Staff Certification

AMP should be used by authorized agency personnel to monitor the progress of staff that are in the process of certifying.

Step 1: View Your Staff Roster

Log in to AMP. From the "Agency Home" screen, click on "Staff Roster."

Agency Roster is located in main navigation

The Staff Roster lists all staff associated with your agency. It also will display their Assister ID, Training ID, Employment Status, Certification Status, whether they are allowed assister portal access, their assister portal Reference Number, and whether they are listed in the assister directory.

staff roster page showing headings described in surrounding text

Step 2: Review Certification Status

To see which staff members are actively certified, click on the “Certification Status” column header to sort all staff by their status. Staff may have one of the following statuses:

  • New: The individual has been added to your roster but their Training ID for the MNsure Learning Center has not been activated yet.
  • Not Certified: The individual does not meet current certification requirements. They may be new and in the process of completing certification requirements, or they may have failed to complete recertification requirements by the deadline. The individual’s Training ID for the MNsure Learning Center is active and they can proceed with completing any required training. Their Training ID will show in the “Training ID” column. Note: An individual who is "Not Certified" may have an Assister ID if they were previously certified. However, the Assister ID is not active unless the individual's status is "Certified".
  • Certified: The individual has completed all current certification requirements. Their Assister ID will show in the “Assister ID” column.

Step 3: Not Certified? Review Status of Certification Requirements

In order to be certified, an individual must be listed as “Active” with the organization, have successfully completed a background check, and have completed all current training requirements.

Is the individual listed as “Active” with the organization?

On the “Staff Roster” screen, the “Employment Status” column will indicate whether the individual is currently listed as “Active” or “Inactive” with the organization.

employment status column on staff roster page

How to troubleshoot: If the column shows “Inactive,” select “View” next to that individual’s name to update their employment status.

Has the individual successfully completed a background study?

The authorized agency contact steps for requesting and monitoring a background study are located on the Authorized Agency Contacts page in the Background Studies section.

Troubleshooting for background study issues can be found on the Monitor a Background Study page and the Background Study FAQ page.

Has the individual successfully completed all the training requirements?

From any page, click on “Staff Training” in the top navigation bar.

The Staff Training page will show you all current requirements for certification, as well as other optional courses. See current certification requirements.

For the 2021-2022 certification period, individuals must complete the following courses for certification:

  • MNsure Assister Data Security, Accessibility, Compliance and Ethics
  • MNsure Assister Core Curriculum
  • MNsure Assister Role-Based Curriculum

example training dates shown on staff roster

If the individual has completed a training course, including passing the assessment, there will be a date of completion.

How to troubleshoot:

  • If there is no date listed for a course, the staff member should review their training records in the MNsure Learning Center to verify the course shows as “complete/all current” in their Learning Path Summary. The individual’s Training ID for logging in to the MNsure Learning Center is in the “Training ID” column.
  • If the course does show as “complete/all current” in their Learning Path Summary, please wait at least five business days after the individual completed the course before emailing the ARC to check the status. Training completion information is updated twice per week, so there may be a few days delay.

The individual has completed all requirements and still shows as “Not Certified?”

At least once per week, MNsure reviews all individuals who have met certification requirements and processes their certification. Please wait at least five business days after the date the individual has completed the final requirement before emailing the ARC to check the status.

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