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Agent of Record

AORs through Assister Portal Association

AORs are created through the assister portal using the "Manage Assister" feature in the consumer's MNsure account.

Encourage the consumer to enter your MNsure assister portal reference number as soon as you begin working with them. This will assure that your association with the consumer is in place and your AOR will be initiated starting on the consumer’s effective date of coverage. AORs are effective the first of the month after the association.

To assist your client in completing an association through their online MNsure account, utilize the step-by-step guide, How to Manage Your Assister.

AORs and Paper Applications

Consumers are unable to gain access to an online MNsure account when they applied using the paper application process. Depending on the status of the case, there are two possible options for completing an AOR in this situation.

Option 1: Case Closure

In some cases, the Broker Service Line can offer to close the case for the consumer. After that is done, you can assist them with creating a MNsure online account and completing a new online application.

Once the account is created, this will enable you and your client to:

  • Access the “Manage Assister” functionality through your client’s MNsure account to set up an association/agent of record.
  • Access the dashboard to enroll, change, and cancel coverage as well as check enrollment status and enrollment related notices.

If this option is available and chosen, the Broker Service Line will provide you with the following information as it is VERY important that the information exactly matches the previous paper application case:

  • Primary applicant (including how name is spelled)
  • Order of household members
  • Date of birth information
  • SSN information

If the information entered on the new online application does not match the previous paper application, the consumer will be unable to access the benefits of the enrollment platform.

Option 2: Case Cannot be Closed

If a case cannot be closed due to circumstances and the consumers original paper application is used, the AOR must be submitted manually. In this situation, the Broker Service Line can assist you with enrolling, updating, and/or cancelling coverage for the consumer. Once the enrollment is completed, the Broker Service Line will send a pre-populated manual AOR to the email on file.

If you do not receive the email, submit a request to The Broker Service Line will send you a secure email asking for information pertaining to your request. After receiving the requested information, you will be sent a pre-populated manual AOR form.

Pre-populated manual AOR forms will contain specific information and are to be signed by the consumer. If signed electronically, consumer signatures must follow MNsure's Electronic Signature Policy.

Return manual AOR forms to the Broker Service Line at and we will forward your AOR information to the insurance carrier.

Please allow 30 days of processing at both MNsure and insurance carrier levels for all manual AOR requests.

Retroactive AORs

Retroactive AORs are needed when a broker is unable to associate with a consumer’s account for the original effective date of the consumer’s policy. An assister portal association using the “Manage Assister” feature in the consumer’s MNsure account is required as soon as the consumer is able to make the association in order to be paid commissions from the insurance company going forward. Since AORs begin the first day of the month after an assister portal association, you will need to email to request a retroactive AOR.


Agent of Record Policy

Electronic Signature Policy

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