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Shop and Enroll

Resources to assist with navigation through MNsure's shopping and enrollment platform.

Cost Estimates and Plan Comparison

Enhancements to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) expand benefits available to Minnesotans through MNsure. See frequently asked questions.

The plan comparison tool helps consumers compare medical and dental plans available through MNsure. It also gives consumers eligibility estimates for financial assistance without completing a MNsure application. (The only way to get a final determination for financial help eligibility is to apply through MNsure using an application WITH financial help.)

The plan comparison tool is an "anonymous" shopping tool: there is no need to create an account. The tool gives estimated results, and does not ask for all of the information that the MNsure application does. The comparisons are based on location, household size and income.

Watch the video guide on how to use the plan comparison tool.

Practice the Application Course: Introduction and the MNsure Plan Comparison Tool

Considerations when Comparing Plans

  • The information entered in the plan comparison tool cannot be transferred to a MNsure application.
  • The plan comparison tool has plan information for different coverage years. A consumer needs to make sure they choose the right year to see the correct plan data.
  • MNsure research shows selecting a plan remains one of the most difficult steps of the enrollment process. This tool makes the decision easier.
  • The cost-comparison function provides valuable decision support information for consumers by evaluating not just premiums, but deductible amounts and other estimated out-of-pocket costs based on health status and expected use of medical services.
  • The tool can provide more detailed plan information, such as if a particular plan covers a consumer’s prescriptions, includes child dental plans or is HSA-eligible.

Enrollment Options

Depending on the consumer's eligibility, they will have different enrollment options:

  • If a consumer is determined eligible for a qualified health plan (QHP) they will have the option to immediately shop and enroll online after completing the application.
  • If a consumer qualifies for Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare, they won't pick a plan online. Instead, they will wait to receive information about their plan options from the Department of Human Services, their county or tribal agency.
  • If a consumer is an American Indian or Alaska Native eligible for a plan with cost-sharing reductions, they may need to enroll in a separate plan from other household members. They can call the MNsure Contact Center for more information on how to enroll.

Enroll in a Plan

Practice the Application Course: Plan Shopping

See the basic steps for enrolling online, including reviewing coverage needs, selecting a plan and enrolling in coverage.

Reminder: brokers must have an association with the consumer through the assister portal to establish their agent of record.

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