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How to Enroll

After you submit your MNsure application for health coverage, you'll get your household's "eligibility determination" on a screen titled "Your Health Care Results." See an example screen here.

Private Coverage

If you are eligible for private coverage, you will continue with the enrollment process online, starting with your dashboard. See the steps below.

Public Health Care Programs

If you are eligible for Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare, you'll wait to receive information about your plan options from the Department of Human Services, your county, or tribal agency.

How to Enroll in Private Coverage

1. Enrollment Dashboard

Your enrollment and eligibility information in one place, with next steps, countdown, private inbox and access to shopping and enrollment.

2. Additional Information

Information needed about exemptions, tobacco use and privacy notice acknowledgement before you can proceed.

3. Member Selection

Select the household members you want to shop for first. Create groups to enroll family members in different plans.

4. Your Health Care Needs

Answer optional questions about your household’s medical and prescription drug use to customize plan search results.

5. Shop Plans

Compare plans side by side and then pick a plan.

6. Enroll and Sign

Confirm your plan choice, sign and submit your enrollment.

Enrollment FAQ

Frequently asked questions about enrolling in private coverage through MNsure.

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