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1. Sign In - Choose an Application

Sign In

First make sure that you are using a desktop or laptop computer with an up-to-date recommended browser (Firefox or Google Chrome.) Then clear your browser’s cookies, cache and history.

Open a new browser window and sign in to your account.

After you sign in, you’ll see the homepage for individuals and families. The information on this page is important, please read it! It briefly covers who to include in your household, making changes to your application, what income to include, and more. When you are done reading, click the "Continue" button.

Choose an Application 

  • WITH financial help to see if you qualify for tax credits, cost-sharing reductions for a private health plan, or low- or no-cost coverage through MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance (MA or Medicaid). 
  • WITHOUT financial help if you know you don’t qualify or if you prefer to pay full price. 

Privacy Warning

Read, understand and agree to the privacy warnings.

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