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Coverage to Care

Coverage isn’t only important when you are sick, it’s helpful when you don’t feel sick. 

The resources below explain what health coverage is, and how to use it to get the primary care and preventive services to help you and your family live long, healthy lives. 

Coverage to Care Roadmap

Click to download the Coverage to Care Roadmap PDF

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' (CMS) Coverage to Care Roadmap (PDF) has helpful examples, worksheets, and definitions for common health care terms and resources.

Find more resources on the CMS website to help you make the most of your health coverage. 

Health Insurance Explained

This video explains health insurance using fun, easy-to-understand scenarios. It breaks down important insurance concepts, such as premiums, deductibles and provider networks. The video explains how individuals purchase and obtain medical care and prescription drugs when enrolled in various types of health insurance, including HMOs and PPOs.

This video was written and produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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