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Adjust APTC Amount

You can adjust your APTC (advanced premium tax credit) amount during plan enrollment or any time after enrollment is complete. You can adjust it as often as you like during the month, but any change made after coverage has started is effective the first day of the next month.

Adjusting APTC for Multiple Plans

If your household is enrolled in multiple medical plans, the APTC amount will be automatically divided among the eligible members and plans.

Adjusting APTC on one plan does not affect the APTC amounts on other plans. If you want to adjust APTC on multiple plans, you will need to do so on each plan, one at a time.

Apply Leftover APTC to a Dental Plan

To apply a leftover APTC amount toward a dental plan, you must first choose a medical plan and then apply any remaining APTC to the dental plan.

Example: Joan has $600 APTC available. Her medical plan is only $500 a month, so she has $100 left over that she could apply towards a dental plan. Joan needs to enroll in her medical plan first, and then enroll in her dental plan to have the leftover APTC available.

How to Adjust APTC

Click the "Adjust APTC" button on the My Plan Details page.  

Adjust the APTC amount by moving the slider (left or right) or tapping your arrow key (up or down) to the desired amount.

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