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Qualifying Life Events

See what life events qualify for a special enrollment period (SEP), documents needed to apply, and when your coverage could start.

Examples of changes that do NOT qualify you for a SEP: Choosing to stop other health coverage; being terminated for not paying your premiums; finding out your doctor isn't covered through your plan.

Adoption, Foster Care, Child Support or Court Order

Gained or lost a dependent through adoption, foster care, a child support or other order.

American Indian or Alaska Native

For members of federally recognized tribes and non-tribal members of their households.


Gained a dependent through birth of a child.

Change in Eligibility for Tax Credits

Your eligibility changes for tax credits or cost-sharing reductions. Must be enrolled through MNsure in a qualified health plan.

Divorce, Legal Separation or Death

Lose private health coverage you enrolled in through MNsure due to divorce, legal separation, or death.

Enrollment Error

Enrollment or non-enrollment due to agency error, mistake, misrepresentation or inaction.

Gain Lawful Presence or Citizenship

Gain citizenship or lawfully present status making you newly eligible for a qualified health plan.

Loss of Employer COBRA Premium Subsidy

Employer ends COBRA premium subsidy.

Lost or Will Lose Health Coverage

Lost or will lose coverage through a job, age off a plan (turning 26), end of non-calendar-year plan.


Your household size changes because you got married.

Moved to Minnesota

Made a permanent move to Minnesota from another state, U.S. territory or outside the U.S.

New HRA Offer from an Employer

New offer of an individual coverage HRA (ICHRA) or qualified small business HRA (QSEHRA) from an employer.

Off-MNsure Plan and Income Decrease

Enrolled in coverage outside of MNsure and income decrease makes you eligible for tax credits.

Released from Incarceration

Released from serving a term in prison or jail.

Residential Address Change

Made a permanent move within Minnesota to a new county or ZIP code.

Special Circumstances

Includes AmeriCorps service, natural disaster, ineligible for Medical Assistance after final determination, or victim of domestic violence or spousal abandonment.

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