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How to Look Up Plan Premiums

1. Open MNsure's plan comparison tool -- on the first page, click the Continue button.

2.  Under "Which Coverage Year" select the year for which you are seeking information. Note: if you pick a year prior to the current coverage year, a date picker will appear. Enter the start Date for your exemption.

3. Under "Where do you live" enter the ZIP Code of your residential address.  Your county of residence will appear. If there is more than one county for your ZIP code, select your county of residence.

4. Under "Who is in your household and do they need coverage?" enter the following information for each person in your household applying for the exemption:

  • Birthdate
  • Tobacco Use. If you use tobacco, you need to enter your household information two separate times in order to search for the correct premium using the correct Tobacco Use status. To get the lowest cost bronze plan premium: check the box to indicate "Yes" for Tobacco Use. To get the second lowest cost silver plan premium: leave the checkbox unchecked to indicate "No" for Tobacco Use.
  • Leave Native American, and Pregnant? checkboxes unchecked as these cannot be used in this premium calculation.
  • Make sure the Needs Coverage checkbox is checked.

5. Skip the financial help section and click Browse Plans button on bottom right.

6. Skip the “Tell Us about Your Health Care Needs” page and select Skip to View Plans button.

7. Under the "Health Plans" tab, the medical plans available to you will display.

8. On the left side of your screen, sort plans by Monthly Price and look for the first bronze plan that appears in the list. This is the lowest cost bronze plan available to your family. Note the premium amount for your lowest cost bronze plan.

9. After sorting by Monthly Premium you should see the lowest cost bronze plan at the top of the page. Next, find the second lowest cost silver plan by scrolling down the list.

10. You may want to print a copy of this results page for your records.

If you need assistance obtaining this information, call the Contact Center. Please note that MNsure cannot answer tax-related questions.

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