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Navigator/CAC Stakeholder Group

The Navigator/Certified Application Counselor (CAC) Stakeholder Group provides advice and counsel on MNsure's operations as it pertains to navigators and CACs.

Navigator/CAC Stakeholder Charter

Navigator/CAC Stakeholder Group Charter (PDF)

Scope of Activities

The Navigator/CAC Stakeholder Group will provide appropriate and relevant advice and counsel on MNsure’s operations of the navigator program. The agenda for stakeholder meetings will be set by MNsure program staff.

Description of Duties

Provide MNsure program staff with input on program operations based on their experience and expertise on issues as identified.

When MNsure program staff request guidance on a question or issue, the stakeholder group is charged with providing opinions and leveraging their expertise to provide input on program operations.

The stakeholder group is an important forum for MNsure to share draft policies and procedures and other sensitive information with a small group to obtain early input from the navigator and Certified Application Counselor (CAC) community. Members are expected to respect the sensitivity of the information.


The stakeholder group will consist of 12 to 14 individuals representing navigator organizations. Membership is by MNsure invitation. A majority of the membership must be certified navigators and CACs. MNsure will use the following criteria when inviting members: expertise, representation of large or specialized constituencies, and regional representation.

Designating an Alternate

A member of the stakeholder group may designate a specific individual as an alternate. This alternate may attend a meeting if the member is unable to participate. All meeting invitations and emails will be addressed to the member, who can forward information to their alternate as needed.


Due to the potentially sensitive information shared with the group, only the invited member or their designated alternate may participate in the meeting, unless prior approval from MNsure staff is obtained.

Members who are unable to attend two or more consecutive meetings of the Navigator/CAC Stakeholder Group may be subject to replacement. Attendance by the member’s designated alternate is an acceptable way of meeting participation requirements.

Scheduled Meetings of the Navigator Stakeholder Group

Meetings will be held virtually on the third Thursday of each month.

As needed, a subset of the Navigator/CAC Stakeholder Group will meet with a subset of the Broker Stakeholder Group to discuss issues of mutual interest. These meetings will be in addition to the monthly meetings.

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